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The File System Connector and Permissions

The default value for the Theia file system authorization policy is set when Theia is started up, within at:


The two value options are allow  and deny. If no property is set, the behavior is allow.

A user can change the default -- but only when mounting a folder -- by adding a property called AuthorizationPolicy by clicking Edit Properties.

  • If you delete a file system connector and the corresponding mount point gets deleted, the custom permissions setup on the file system connector is overwritten.
  • If the AuthorizationPolicy property gets defined on a file system connector after a remote folder has been mounted that authorization policy does not take effect for already-mounted folders.
  • If motio.adfcore.filesystem.defaultAuthPolicy gets redefined after a remote folder has been mounted, the policy that gets applied is the one which is defined when the remote folder is being mounted. If you mount the folder and then redefine the policy, the old one is still in effect for that mounted folder.
  • If you make changes, you must restart Theia, so that it will take up the properties in the file.

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